Epoxy Applications

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Epoxy Applications
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Epoxy Applications
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Epoxy Applications
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The Beauty of Granite...The Durability of Epoxy!

Granite Coat combines the durability and protection of an Pigmented Epoxy base coat with the beauty of decorative Vinyl Chips. It is an often-used economical replacement for vinyl tile or linoleum floors as it provides a totally seamless surface with much better wear characteristics and with minimum maintenance (no waxing required). Granite Coat consists of a pigmented epoxy coating, followed by either a partial broadcast or full broadcast of vinyl chips, and then a clear top coat of our High Performance Epoxy Coating. Rough textures for enhanced anti-slip properties can be provided in the full flake system with one coat of sealer, while a second coat will provide an easier-to-clean, smooth surface for relatively dry conditions. Other common applications include residential garages and basements, commercial garages and concourses, and institutional areas, such as in hospitals and dining areas, where more absorbent surfaces such as carpeting and tile limit the ability to properly sanitize the floor.

Granite Coat has become an affordable, unique solution to transform oil-stained garages, cement subfloor additions, and industrial commercial floors into a lively, durable environment, impervious to all auto fluids and common household products. The process uses an advanced formulation of epoxies, tints and colored vinyl flakes to cover any concrete surface with a terrazzo or granite-like finish.

  • Garage Floors
  • Showrooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Parking Decks
  • Workshops
  • Labs & Clean Rooms




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