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Concrete Overlays in Boynton Beach, FL

Concrete Overlays, Boynton Beach, FL Installing concrete overlays is another specialty of Select Coating, Inc. Our mastery of this highly technical job has been honed by our decades of experience in the construction industry. For almost two decades of serving the State of Florida, we have already completed numerous overlay projects in Boynton Beach, and surrounding areas. While most of these projects involve residential properties, we also have many clients in the business sector.

If you are still looking for a reliable contractor who can guarantee the excellent installation of concrete overlays, please take a look at our credentials. Select Coating, Inc, has all the resources and capabilities to make your indoor and outdoor spaces more appealing and functional. Call our hotline now at 561-742-3202.

When to Use Concrete Overlays?

Concrete staining and overlays are commonly used to improve the aesthetic look and integrity of concrete surfaces. They can transform drab concrete slabs into elegant surfaces that mimic expensive materials such as wood and natural stones. We also recommend this method for old concrete surfaces with cracks, discoloration, pop-outs and other flaws. Instead of replacing the entire concrete flooring, which is a costly endeavor, we will just put an overlay that will hide and correct imperfections. Here at Select Coating, Inc, we use only proven techniques to ensure the successful installation of our overlays. Our task-appropriate tools and equipment help us finish our jobs fast and efficiently. Our objective is to bring back the beauty and luster of your indoor and outdoor flooring without compromising its structural integrity.

The specific areas where we highly recommend the use of overlays are not limited to the following:

  • hallways
  • garages
  • living rooms
  • patios
  • outdoor living areas
  • showrooms
  • countertops
  • offices
  • driveways
  • porches

The Quality of Our Concrete Overlays

Today, there are a lot of manufacturers offering different types of concrete overlays. All of them promise quality and long-lasting products. If you are a homeowner, choosing the most appropriate product for your property improvement project can become a daunting task. Your best option is to hire people like us to help you with product selection and installation. At Select Coating, Inc, we use only premium quality overlays from leading suppliers. We make sure that the quality of the product we use exceeds the minimum standards set by the industry. We also determine the most appropriate overlay system that will work best on your flooring. This way, we can guarantee clients from Boynton Beach, FL, and surrounding areas with durable and long-lasting overlays.

Here is a shortlist of the features and qualities of our concrete overlays:

  • superior adhesion to concrete surfaces
  • can be applied in varied thickness without compromising durability
  • abrasion resistant
  • can withstand freeze-thaw cycles
  • protected from UV exposure
  • wide range of available designs and finishes
  • can resist damage caused by salt and chemicals
  • easy to install and maintain
  • low-maintenance

Please contact Select Coating, Inc, today so we can discuss further the specific applications and other benefits of concrete overlays and textured finishes. We can also provide free project cost estimates for residential and commercial clients from Boynton Beach and nearby FL cities. Call 561-742-3202.

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