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Decorative Concrete in Palm Beach, FL

We are not the typical hardscape builders that clients can hire for their various property improvement projects. We are also experts in floor restoration and the application of decorative overlays on both indoor and outdoor locations. These are highly technical tasks that should be handled by well-trained and experienced contractors like us at Select Coating, Inc. Whether we are talking about residential floors, hotel lobbies, or surfaces in warehouses, we can assure you of stunning concrete surfaces with our high-quality decorative concrete overlay products.

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Interior and Exterior Decorative Overlays

Our skilled manpower can apply overlays on the interior and exterior floors in private residences, industrial locations, and commercial establishments. Specifically, we can apply decorative overlays on the following areas:

Decorative Concrete, Palm Beach, FL
  • Floors. Are your floors looking drab and unkempt? Worry no more! Our overlays will breathe new life into your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, and living room. You may choose from different finishes such as marble, granite, flagstone, brick, and many others.

  • Pool decks. We can make any pool deck looking more inviting by applying the right overlay patterns and concrete staining techniques. Moreover, we can make the deck area safer for occupants by choosing a texture that prevents accidental slip-and-fall.

  • Stairs. Allow us to make your stairs elegant and attractive with your choice of decorative overlays. Be it a modern design or an antique pattern, we can assure you that your stairs will look their best.

  • Walkways. Our crews can make your early morning or daytime walks more enjoyable by making your walkways eye-catching. You have the freedom to dictate how they will look like, which our skilled personnel can achieve with ease.

Why Opt for Self-leveling Overlays?

There are four different types of decorative overlays that are applied to existing concrete surfaces. First are the micro-toppings, which are available in coarse and fine mix designs. Second are stamped overlays, which can be applied to mimic tile, wood, stone, brick, and other materials. Third are multipurpose overlays, which are ideal for troweling, underlayment, and re-brooming. Finally, the self-leveling overlays, which works like magic by flattening on their own after being applied using a metal squeegee. They can be installed quickly and make flat, damaged, or unleveled floors become presentable and even leveled.

We generally recommend self-leveling overlays to clients due to the above-said benefits. Not only do they make our jobs easier, but their ease of application also means that clients won’t pay extra dollars since we can finish the application in just a few hours. However, no matter which of these decorative overlay options our clients choose, we can guarantee that we have all the tools and trained manpower to finish the task quickly and with positive outcomes.

Trusted Decorative Overlay Contractor in Palm Beach, FL

Applying decorative overlays and textured finishes requires technical skills and know-how, so it’s a must to hire only the experts. This won’t be a problem since our company employs just the kind of people you need for such a demanding job. We have completed several overlay installation projects in Palm Beach, FL, thus making us highly trusted by homeowners, business owners, and fellow contractors alike.

Please call Select Coating, Inc, today at (561) 742-3202 and let’s talk about your property improvement project.

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