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Epoxy Floors in Delray Beach, FL

Epoxy Floors, Delray Beach, FL Do you want to enhance the look of your existing floors or are you planning a renovation in your home or establishment? If yes, then you should consider including the flooring among the spots to be worked on. You should also get an expert contractor to handle this kind of project. Select Coating, Inc, will help you get a lustrous floor with our innovative methods. One technique that we are good at is applying decorative concrete overlay coatings on the exterior and interior floors.

We have been offering this premium service in Delray Beach, FL, for years, so we have in-depth knowledge of the techniques and the right tools for the job. As expert installers of decorative epoxy floor coatings, we can guarantee you a hard-wearing surface that will surely impress guests with its sheen and beauty. Call us now.

Epoxy Floor Coating Applications

Epoxy floor coating can be applied in a variety of areas both indoors and outdoors. It can be used in hotel lobbies, hallways, kitchens, living rooms, receiving areas, showrooms, galleries, and workplaces. One of the advantages of using decorative epoxy floor coatings compared to other decorative or flooring materials is the low cost of applying them and maintaining the areas where they are used. Other benefits include fire - and slip-resistance, eco-friendliness, chemical - and heat-resistance, attractive finish, and easy application. These applications make epoxy floor coatings among the most versatile decorative solutions that any property owner can have.

Recommended Epoxy Floor Coating Finishes

No one can deny the aesthetic appeal of epoxy floors – they are just among the most gorgeous surfaces you can possibly find. The good thing is that we can even make your flooring more attractive by using premium coatings and ensuring accurate application. As it is, all our projects concerning the application of decorative epoxy floor coatings are handled by trained crews who have completed many similar tasks in the past.

We can achieve any of these three decorative finishes, depending on your preference:

  • Metallic. If you need a modern, industrial look, then this is the perfect finish to have. A metallic-looking flooring surface gives that edgy appearance that could be the most ideal finish for garages, industrial workplaces, and other areas where the look is desired.

  • Colored flake. This finish is among the emerging favorites of property owners. The colored flake finish evokes a whimsical, playful mood that is ideal for bedrooms, hallways, playrooms, offices, living rooms, and the like.

  • Quartz. One can achieve a terrazzo or tweed appeal with this finish. It can be the perfect finish for gazebos, hot tub areas, pools, playrooms, and porches. There are many colors to choose from, so you can surely pick ones that will blend well with various spots inside and outside of your property.

Professional Service for Less

We can guarantee you competitive pricing for our service. Unlike other companies that charge a fortune for similar services, we only charge what is within our clients’ budget. As among Florida’s leading textured finish concrete contractors, we can provide you with professional services for a very reasonable price. So, waste no more time and contact us today. Just dial 561-742-3202 for queries on our decorative epoxy floor coatings.

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